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    1. Kazralabar

      May 12,  · Like the ceiling can't hold us Here we go back, this is the moment Tonight is the night, we'll fight 'til it's over So we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us Like the ceiling can't hold us.
    2. Aragal

      We can't get hold of a sensation in the same way that we can't get hold of a cloud. guipesisobmicerfidasuthanswestre.xyzinfo N o podemos retener a una sensa ci ón, de la mi sma manera en q ue no podemos retener a una nub e.
    3. Brarisar

      Btw this song have a good things on lyric "Like the ceiling cant hold us Here we go back, this is the moment" I love this song, macklemore have a good voice power when he sing this song NICE! LRCMA19on February 05, Link. No Replies Log in to reply +1. General CommentThe lyrics to the chorus are slightly wrong. He says,"Can we go back, this.
    4. Zulurn

      Jan 01,  · Can't Hold On Lyrics: What up? / Rock, uh-uh / Yeah, yeah, okay / We gon' do one like this y'all / Uh, Listen up / We was young niggas off liquor .
    5. Sall

      Jun 08,  · T vas y yo no puedo detenerte, t vas x no soy igual k tu son muchos mis defectos k no comprendes tu pero rekuerda KARIÑO NO SOBRA EL K SE KEDA, NI HACE.
    6. Akinozuru

      When you changed, I thought it would only be for a while But it has taken longer than a year I thought if I gave you and our frienship all I got, you would realise my importance in your life I have been waiting a long time I can't hold on any longer We are on the edge Ihave been holding on for far too long for you to pull me from this edge.
    7. Dimuro

      A Riddle: You can have me but cannot hold me; Gain me and quickly lose me. If treated with care I can be great, And if betrayed I will break. What am I?:: Difficulty/4.

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