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    1. Mazujind

      Centurion. a Roman officer in command of a hundred men (Mark Mark Mark ).Cornelius, the first Gentile convert, was a centurion (Acts Acts ).Other centurions are mentioned in Matthew Matthew Matthew ; Luke Luke ; Acts ; Acts Acts ; Acts Acts ; ; Acts Acts Acts Acts Acts ;
    2. Kiramar

      The Centurions are the combined forces of every super-powered beings of the Negative Zone who fought for Annhilus in the Annihilation Wave. Many Centurions were former heroes and champions of their people before Annihilus conquered the Negative Zone and forced them all under his service. After the destruction of the Annihilation Wave by Galactus and the death of Annhilus in the hands of Nova.
    3. Mogami

      Dec 22,  · In the fifth episode of the Saturday Mourning Cartoons' podcast, we revisit, review, and ridicule the Ruby-Spears production, Centurions. Where to find us. Ep. 5: Centurions .
    4. Dazilkree

      Watch Centurions - Season 1, Episode 25 - Live At Five: The Centurions become the subject of a series of special news reports by Jenny Rivers, who is an old classmate of Ace's.
    5. Yokus

      Centurions are some of the highest-ranking officers of Caesar's Legion in the Mojave Wasteland in They serve as the main commanders of the Legion army. Caesar based this rank on the unit leaders (centurio/centuriones in Latin) of the ancient Roman army. Ancient Roman centurions were recognizable by the horizontal fanned plume on their helmets and the greave plates on their shins.
    6. Zulut

      The Centurions. Mar 11, A big shout out to our sponsors for this year's event!! We invite you to consider doing business with our sponsors as they are invaluable in making the event happen. Cemex CMR Concord General Contracting Copperpoint Crest .
    7. Zuzragore

      Peace, Love, Centurions - A Party 50 Years in the Making Event Information. 6 PM Turn On & Go With The Flow - doors open; PM Groovy Grub - buffet dinner; 6 PM Bell Bottom Bar - drinks & cocktails; 6PM - Midnight Tune In & Trip with The Trip Band; 6 - PM Purple Haze Cigar & Specialty Drinks; - 10 PM Fortunate Son Charity Casino; 7 - Midnight Centurions' VIP Retreat.
    8. Miktilar

      CENTURIONS Vinyl Records and CDs. If the Centurions name sounds familiar, it's because Quentin Tarantino rescued them from drowning in obscurity by added a song of theirs to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Their sleazy sax and wobbly, trebly guitar creates a slower, spooky Surf sound.

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