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    1. Tygorn

      Posting again because the last fella fell through. Ive got a ci Mountainsmith backpack up for grabs in Denver area. I love Arkansas. This is the second time in 3 days that someone has opened their home up to me. Today if got fed chick fil a, was given a tent, and the lady bought me a carton of American spirits.
    2. Dabei

      Jun 14,  · We talked together for about 3 years and I can say that I really know him. Ive had his passwords too and we used to talk every single minute. Last months we had the chance to met in person but there always happened something to mess up, so I got .
    3. Shashura

      Apr 12,  · Through the fights the arguments the bad sad the ups n down days cause in the end u gone see my husband he not perfect at all but I love him for him along with his flaws see a woman can change for a man but a man will only change for someone he love n mines definitely did n I’m so thankful god put him in my life I adore that man of mines so.
    4. Gardamuro

      Dec 08,  · Last I checked, you kiss using your lips. If you like someone, touching him or her eventually becomes second nature. In fact, I used to notice .
    5. Vudokus

      A guy should treat his girl with love and treat her like a queen. A guy should be honest, caring, funny, and sweet. A guy should call you everyday, making sure you are alright or even texts you. A guy should never leave you on read. A guy needs to see everyday that he has someone so special in his life that could love, care, and share his life.
    6. Shakak

      Jul 14,  · But when someone we love becomes someone we lost, it might actually be trying telling us that we’re all so much more connected than we think. That where we .
    7. Feshura

      People who are in a relationship with a person who cannot love should realize that this has nothing to do with them. They deserve better. There are so many people out there who, unlike Nicky's ex.
    8. Goltilabar

      Sometimes, the only way to let go is to love someone enough to want the best for him or her even if that means not being together. There are many forms of love, and it has the capacity to shift.

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