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    1. Gucage

      He knew it. He fucking knew this was gonna happen. But why does it hurt, knowing that someone you care so much, just forgot about you like nothing ever happened? With dozens of thoughts running through his head, Jungsoo walked to his office. His expression on his face was unreadable. His lips were parted in a thin line, his eyes looked soulless and dull filled with remorse.
    2. Moshura

      Interludes (幕間の物語, Makuai no Monogatari) are one-time events that unlock when a Servant you own has reached a specific bond level and ascension. If the interlude takes place outside of Chaldea Gate, you must have completed the story for that location in order to access the interlude. Interludes can only be completed once, but visual novel scenes can be replayed from My Room.
    3. Akilmaran

      Since the advent of DVDs, I always wanted INTERLUDE, my favorite film of all, to find its place among forgotten cinematic jewels. In the remastering, only the sound of the clapping audience is somewhat muffled and flat; otherwise it is beyond description to see the absolute light in the eyes of each actor who give, and share, incredibly Reviews:
    4. Vobei

      Welcome to Interlude, created by lovers of music for those who share their passion. I hope it inspires you to embark on your own voyage of musical and cultural discovery, and that you’ll come back and share your experiences with us. Juliette Liu.
    5. Mikakora

      Forgotten Pianists: Alfred Cortot Swiss pianist Alfred Cortot (¬) began his piano study at the Paris Conservatoire at age 9.; Forgotten Pianists: Vladimir Sofronitsky Born in St. Petersburg, he studied at the then-Petrograd Conservatory, graduating in ; Forgotten Pianists: Solomon British pianist Solomon Cutner () was known professionally solely by his first name.
    6. Branris

      王の休息 The King's Day Off AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP Battlefield type 18 1, (68 per AP) 12, ( per AP) 31, ( per AP).
    7. Ditilar

      Forgotten Blade Edge Type: Material Main ingredient required for a Dwarf to make a Forgotten Blade. Can also be sold at ordinary shops. NPC Name Type Quantity Chance; Drop: Benom (75) Passive: %: Death Lord Ipos (75) Passive: %: Cherub Galaxia (79) Passive: %: Knight Of Destruction (80) Passive: 1: 1/ Lilith.
    8. Voll

      Interlude (Kevin Billington, ) 5/ A famous symphony conductor (Oskar Werner) embarks on an affair with a young journalist (Barbara Ferris). His wife (the superb Virginia Maskell) finds out and there is a very dignified but awkward scene where all three meet up for dinner at a restaurant and they behave with impeccable British reserve.
    9. Brara

      Interlude definition, an intervening episode, period, space, etc. See more.

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