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    1. Nikinos

      Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman approached Leonard Nimoy to voice the Fallen while the three of them worked on Star Trek (). Nimoy voiced Galvatron, Megatron's successor, in The Transformers: The Movie (). Michael Bay was nervous about approaching a relative (Nimoy is married to Bay's cousin), particularly a famous one: "I just feel kind of bad about asking him.
    2. Vudok

      The final 2 will be Tyler and JC (and that will take A LOT of work on the part of Production to make that happen). Tyler vs JC in final 2. The score will be and up comes Fessy to cast the final vote. You can guess the rest. Fessy will vote for the little demon who mind raped him relentlessly. Winner: JC over Tyler by a score of p.s.
    3. Darisar

      So that night the younger brother went to his silo, gathered a large bundle of wheat, and climbed the hill that separated the two farms and over to his brother’s farm. Leaving the wheat in his brother’s silo, the younger brother returned home, feeling pleased with himself. Earlier that very same night, the older brother was also lying awake.
    4. Tegor

      Oct 11,  · Lyrics: If you miss the train Im on, you will know that I am gone You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles, A hundred miles, a hundred miles, a hundred miles, a hundred miles.
    5. Nijinn

      Two Brothers Two is the continuing story of Sam and Luke and their two younger brothers, Tommy and Joseph, 5, days in the making. Watch Sam, Luke, Tommy, and Joseph negotiate the journey of adolescence on the road to young adulthood. While they don't have it all, they do have each other. And this is their story.
    6. Dujora

      Feb 14,  · Having a twin isn't all it's cracked up to be. I go over a couple of memories of growing up with not only a twin, but a twin brother. Follow me on Twitter: h.
    7. Talkis

      Joseph had two dreams. In both of Joseph’s dreams his brothers bowed down to him. When Joseph told his brothers these dreams, their hatred grew even more. Now one day when Joseph’s older brothers are taking care of their father’s sheep, Jacob asks Joseph to go and see how they are getting along.
    8. Misar

      Eating and drinking and walking through the United Kingdom "Two Miles an Hour" is a fun read as it tells of Robert Buckley's adventures on the Appalachian Trail and his subsequent hikes in the United Kingdom. I enjoy how he describes the sights and tastes of the places he visits. He is also good at describing the history of the stops on his trek along with the people he met.4/5(8).
    9. Mokasa

      The Fall and Rise of Joseph, Daniel, and Esther—Part 5 December 27, at pm | Posted in Daniel, Esther, Mikeitz, Vayiggash | Leave a comment Tags: Bereishit, Daniel and the lions, Genesis, Haman, Joseph and his brothers, Mordecai and Esther, torah portion This is the final post in a series comparing three stories of Jews who rise from captivity to high positions in a foreign land.

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