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    1. Zulkimi

      Explore releases from Cold Night For Alligators at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Cold Night For Alligators at the Discogs Marketplace.
    2. Majar

      Cold Night For Alligators Violent Design (Radio Edit), released 30 November These thoughts will torment you and drag you around in the gutter Faces will make your life heartless tonight I will follow you, follow through So put hatred aside to discovery Ask to stroke your face and break away Tears and abuse Hate follows you around, follows you around Hate follows you around, follows you.
    3. Megis

      Ulterior Motives by Cold Night For Alligators, released 01 September 1. Tempus Fugit 2. Wonderland is in Your Body 3. Beware of the Horse.
    4. Fauzil

      "Adult alligators can survive freezing conditions if they are in water. They submerge their body but keep their nostrils projecting above the water surface, so that when the surface freezes they can still breathe (called the "icing response") Yet another example of their amazing ability to survive.".
    5. Moogubar

      A Cold Night For Alligators. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Try refreshing your browser, or tap here to see other videos from our team.
    6. Fenrikora

      Alligators are also unable to regulate their body temperatures internally as humans and other warm-blooded animals do. If an alligator wants to warm up, it has to find a sunny spot. Because the gator also lacks sweat glands, it cools off by opening its mouth, finding a shady spot or going for a swim.
    7. Dorr

      Ways in which they're able to control their body temperature include either basking in the sun or moving to warmer or cooler air or water temperatures. Due to their cold-blooded nature, alligators are most active in warmer temperatures, generally from 82 to 92 degrees, and become dormant in temperatures that are below 55 degrees.
    8. Voodoorisar

      There is a lot of things to love about Cold Night For Alligators and their many faced monster of a debut. Sit back and let your ears enjoy the down tuned assault of an 8-string guitar and brutal vocals ranging from guttural growls to high pitch screams. CNFA are a touring band without any doubt.
    9. Kajijora

      Jan 10,  · In response to cold weather, alligators burmate, a kind of mini-hibernation in which the reptiles slow their breathing and metabolism and temporarily shut down any unnecessary body functions.

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